‘Rest in Pieces’ Developer Itatake Releases Unique One-On-One Dueling Game ‘Gumslinger’

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A little more than a year ago developer Itatake launched their new game Rest in Pieces on the App Store, and while the game was noteworthy for adding a fresh spin on the behind-the-back runner with its swinging mechanics, it also stood out for its striking aesthetic which consisted of dark and gloomy environments coupled with darling little porcelain figurines as the playable characters. Those figures in particular were incredibly realistic looking and it was clear Itatake had come up with a solid method for creating in-game character models. Now they are taking that expertise and expanding on it with a robust soft-body physics system in their latest release Gumslinger. This is a game where you’ll take on opponents in one-on-one duels to see who has the quickest and most accurate aim in town. There is a huge roster of gummy-like characters to unlock and use in Gumslinger, and because of their gummy-like bodies they’ll react to being shot and knocked down in all sorts of zany ways. Check out the trailer.

The main mode in Gumslinger operates as a 64 player tournament, and to ensure there’s always enough competition you aren’t actually battling players in real-time but rather an AI version of real-life players that is based off of that player’s real stats and reaction times. When you yourself aren’t playing, your own Gumslingers will be sent into battle to play in tournaments and earn coins while you’re away. In addition to the main tournament mode there are also mini-games and skill shot challenges, and besides the huge roster of unlockable Gumslingers there are also unlockable guns and gun skins to work towards, as well as a whole bunch of interesting environments to duel in. The game is free to play with ads and does offer a one-time IAP to remove ads and add some extra bonuses. So far I’m finding the dueling and the incredible physics system a lot of fun, so I’d definitely recommend downloading Gumslinger for free if at the very least just to check out the crazy soft body physics system Itatake has developed. It’s available now on both iOS and Android.

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