‘Pokemon Rumble Rush’ From The Pokemon Company Is Shutting Down This July

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A few years ago, we covered PokeLand which was supposed to be an action game for mobile based on the Pokemon franchise. That game was rebranded and it soft launched for Android in Australia as Pokemon Rumble Rush (Free). The game finally launched on iOS and Android worldwide last year. Today, an in-game notice for Pokemon Rumble Rush confirms that the game service will be ended this July which is about a year after it finally released worldwide. Check out the trailer for the launch last year below:

Pokemon Rumble Rush is a game about exploring various islands with strong Pokemon while taking on others to expand your collection. You can upgrade your own Pokemon with materials you get by defeating enemies. In addition to the announcement that the game is shutting down, a few events new have been revealed for the next few months. From May 6th to May 27th, the Greninja and the Wonders of Kalos event will take plce. The Zygarde Cup and Shaymin cup will take place as well next month and this month. May 27th will see a new update arrive for the game adding new content. If you’re interested in playing it before it shuts down on July 22, you can download Pokemon Rumble Rush from Google Play here and on the App Store here for iOS. Have you played it yet?


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