Grab ‘Furdemption’ and ‘King Rabbit – Classic’ for Free Before They’re Gone for Good with the Arrival of the New ‘King Rabbit’ this Friday

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It’s coming up on 3 years ago now that developer Raresloth initially announced a sequel to their phenomenal puzzle platformer King Rabbit, and a lot has happened in the time since then. For one, the original King Rabbit was renamed King Rabbit – Classic so that this new follow-up could be known as simply King Rabbit. That is because Raresloth was completely rebuilding the game in Unity so that it could be released across multiple platforms, and in some sense it is more of a pseudo-sequel/remake of the original King Rabbit. It’s all kind of semantics anyway though as the real heart and soul of the King Rabbit series is the robust level editor and the dedicated community of creators that pump out ingenious creations for people to play. And since this new King Rabbit is cross-platform it’s been out on desktop for more than a year and already has a thriving community and library of created levels just waiting to be experienced by iOS and Android players.

However, being that this is now going to be the definitive King Rabbit experience going forward, and because Raresloth is a studio of just two people who can only afford to maintain a single game at a time, the original game now known as King Rabbit – Classic and the very first game in the series known as Furdemption are both going to be removed from the App Store when the new King Rabbit launches this Friday, April 10th. This will eliminate any confusion as to which version people should be downloading and playing, and it allows Raresloth to concentrate their efforts 100% on this one title. It’s a bit bittersweet as we loved Furdemption in our 5 star review from mid-2015, and loved King Rabbit even more in our review from 2016 where we also awarded it 5 stars as well as chose it for our Game of the Week. They are both phenomenal games but the new King Rabbit looks to surpass them in every way, so I understand the need to remove the older games.

There is a silver lining to this though. Because the games are going away, Raresloth has made Furdemption free until this Friday when the new game releases and it’s removed from the App Store. It hasn’t been updated since 2016 so it’s not optimized for full screen iOS devices, but it’s a game that doesn’t suffer from being letterboxed at all and features a whopping 140 levels to play through. King Rabbit – Classic is already free being that it’s free to play, but there’s good news for it too as even though it won’t be available on the App Store anymore Raresloth will be keeping the servers on for the time being so it should continue functioning even beyond the new game’s release. Like Furdemption there is a mind-boggling number of levels to play through in King Rabbit – Classic, not to mention all the user-created content it has. So if you haven’t downloaded Furdemption or King Rabbit – Classic before, now is your last chance to grab them before they’re gone forever as we usher in the new era of King Rabbit with the new game’s release this Friday.

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