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‘Death Come True’ from the Creator of Danganronpa Releases This June on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and More

Originally revealed last year, Death Come True from Kazutaka Kodaka (the creator Danganronpa) and Izanagi Games is an FMV game set to release on mobile, consoles, and PC. The game features Kanata Hongo who plays Makoto Karaki, the main character of the game and will have multiple endings. One of the highlights of the project for me is that Masafumi Takada who did the music for the Danganronpa and Digimon Story games is doing the music for Death Come True. Today, Izanagi Games released a new trailer for the game. Watch it below:

Death Come True was originally just set for a 2020 release worldwide on PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and PC. Today, Izanagi Games has confirmed via 4Gamer that Death Come True will release in June 2020. While this release window hasn’t been confirmed to include every country, it is likely it will get a worldwide release since multiple languages will be supported from the start. A price point of 1900 Yen has been announced for Japan as well which is approximately $17. Death Come True will support English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese at launch. Check out the official website for it here. Are you looking forward to playing it and did you enjoy the Danganronpa games?

[Source: 4Gamer]