Gravity-Defying Platformer ‘Dandara’ Getting Huge “Trials of Fear” Expansion Soon

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It seems like only yesterday that developer Long Hat House and publisher Raw Fury launched their gravity-defying Metroidvania platformer Dandara ($3.99) on every platform under the sun, including mobile. But it wasn’t yesterday, it was actually two years ago today. Boy time flies. To celebrate this second anniversary, Long Hat House has been busy working on a heap of new content for Dandara which they’re dubbing the Trials of Fear expansion. This will give players three brand new areas to explore and one brand new massive boss to fight, as well as new powers for Dandara and a new “secret" ending. The update will also include new music tracks and “tons of quality-of-life updates." But that’s not all. In an effort to further flesh out the crazy world of Salt that the game takes place in, you’ll now be able to find new descriptions and cut-scenes from both new and existing characters in the game, meaning that even for those who have played this game to death, this upcoming Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition update might be a reason to replay through the whole thing over again and experience it in a new way. Here’s a new trailer teasing the new Trials of Fear content.

If you’re not familiar with Dandara, it launched two years ago (obviously!) and was noteworthy at that time for launching simultaneously across a bunch of platforms and, more surprisingly, at the same price across all of those platforms. That original price was $14.99, even for the mobile version. I know! A bold strategy for sure, but one I respected because why should a game that is exactly the same across every platform be sold for cheaper just because it’s on mobile? That strategy seemed to work well for the first year, but around the time of the game’s first anniversary the developers decided to permanently drop its price to $5.99. That is still quite a bargain for how much content Dandara has, and the Trials of Fear expansion will be released for free to all current owners of the game on all platforms. No firm date for the expansion has been announced other than “soon" but if you need to catch up on your Dandara knowledge before that time then be sure to give our full 5 star review a read and check out what players in our forums have been saying about this one for the past two years.

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