‘Civilization VI’ ‘Gathering Storm’ Expansion Planned to Release This Year for iOS After Releasing ‘Rise and Fall’ Earlier Today

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After already ensuring today is a great day for iOS gamers by releasing the highly anticipated expansion to Civilization VI (Free) in the form of Rise and Fall, the next expansion has been confirmed for iOS. Aspyr Media already proved the naysayers wrong with a full blown port of Civilization VI for not just iPad but also iPhone. With the fantastic Rise and Fall already available on iOS, we now have confirmation for the second expansion on iOS. Watch the trailer below:

Gathering Storm builds on Rise and Fall by adding weather, natural disasters, and more. The expansion also brought new terrain options and improved Diplomacy. In terms of content, the expansion brought new leaders and civilizations with their own units to the base game on PC already. If you enjoy Civilization VI, both Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm elevate the experience quite a bit. I can’t wait to finish downloading the game again to try out the expansion today. Check out some of the new features in Gathering Storm below:

If you’ve not played the base game yet, read our original review of the iPad version and you can buy it at a discount on the App Store right now. We chose it as our Game of the Week when it released. The iOS port is free to try for 60 turns. The Civilization Twitter account confirmed that Gathering Storm is planned to hit iOS this year. Both expansions are also planned to hit Switch this year. What do you think of this port so far and are you planning on buying the expansion?

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