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‘Necrosphere’ is a Sadistic Metroidvania-Style Platformer Hitting iOS Later this Year

There are brutally difficult platformers like Super Meat Boy, and then there’s developer Cat Nigiri’s Necrosphere which looks like it enters an entirely different level of pain. It’s a Metroidvania-style platformer that has you exploring huge levels trying to negotiate your way around a plethora of hazards all of which will kill you in an instant. The game was recently shown at the Brazil’s Independent Games Festival a few weeks back and was nominated for a number of awards, including Best Brazilian Game, Best Gameplay, and the Innovation Award. People really like to die in their games, apparently! Here’s a new trailer showing Necrosphere in action.

Depending on how you feel about ultra-difficult, die-a-million-times platformers, that trailer either has you salivating at the mouth or turning away in disgust. If it’s the former, you can actually check out a demo of the game on to experience a bit of it for yourself. The full-fledged version of Necrosphere is launching on desktop on September 1st during the first day of PAX West, with versions for iOS, Android, Xbox One, and PS4 planned for Q4 of this year. If you enjoy punishing yourself, Necrosphere is one to keep on your radar.