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‘Diablo Immortal’ Gets a New Trailer for BlizzCon 2019, but No Release Date in Sight

Boy us gamers sure are a fickle bunch, huh? During BlizzCon this time last year, Blizzard announced the mobile-exclusive Diablo Immortal, and pretty much everyone cried foul about not wanting some mobile trash game. Never mind that we went hands-on with it at the show and found it to be an absolute blast, people just were mad mad mad about it. Fast forward to this year and there was nary a peep about Diablo Immortal during the main keynote address at this year’s BlizzCon, and since revealing a new trailer and some new details about the game on the down low today the reaction has suddenly turned to anger not that the game exists but rather that it hasn’t been released yet. I just don’t know anymore! At any rate, Blizzard has indeed revealed some new info for Diablo Immortal, as well as this swell new trailer.

Perhaps having Diablo 4 be the main focus of this year’s event and showing off some extremely awesome footage of it in action has made people more accepting of Diablo Immortal’s existence. After all, it’s simply meant to be a supplementary Diablo experience for fans, not replace any of the main entries in the series, and the billions of mobile device owners have the potential to open up the series to an entirely new audience. And it’s not like those who are mad it isn’t out yet don’t have a point, as partner studio Netease did say the game was basically finished after last year’s BlizzCon so it does seem kind of odd that it’s not out yet and doesn’t even have a vague release window. Whatever the case, I for one am very excited for Diablo Immortal and hope that Blizzard will give us a more definitive release window sometime very soon.