‘Tropico’ From Feral Interactive Just Got Updated Bringing the Absolute Power Expansion to iOS and Android for Free

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Tropico ($11.99) from Feral Interactive is one of the best ports from PC to mobile in a while. After it released on mobile platforms through iPad and eventually got an iPhone version through a universal update, Tropico saw a premium release on Android supporting a plethora of devices. Today, Feral Interactive updated the iOS and Android versions of the game bringing in a full expansion for free. This update and the expansion content are for all existing owners of Tropico. Watch the new trailer for it below:

The Absolute Power expansion was already included in Tropico 3 Gold on PC which is what the mobile version is based on. With today’s update the mobile version is at parity content wise more or less with the PC version. Absolute Power brings 10 new missions. These take place on their own islands so there’s a nice amount of new stuff for returning players. Absolute Power is free for all existing owners as well. If you haven’t picked Tropico up yet, get it on the App Store or Google Play right now. You can check out our forum thread for it here for more discussion around the port. Are you planning on stepping into the shoes of El Presidente on the go now or are you waiting for the expansion to arrive later this month?

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