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“Mario Maker Meets Bastion” Action RPG ‘Monolisk’ is Launching October 15th on iOS and Android

We first caught wind of Monolisk, a unique action RPG from developer Trickster Arts, back in May when it was posted to our upcoming games forum. Right from the start I was digging the look of Monolisk, which had a sleek art design and utilized the same sort of visual technique as Bastion where each level would sort of fly in piece by piece as you moved further through it. Digging beyond the surface though and Monolisk was doing some really interesting things. First off, each of its bite-sized levels are called Shards, because as the story goes the world where the game takes place was shattered into all these little pieces. Functionally though, Shards are little levels that users can create and upload for others to play, and then earn rewards based on how well the community rates those creations. Think of it sort of like Bastion and Mario Maker had a weird little baby. Here’s the trailer from the initial announcement of Monolisk that gives you a good idea of what it’s all about.

That beta has been quite popular among our community and the feedback about Monolisk has been very positive. I’ve even dabbled with the in-progress version over the past several months and think it’s one of those games with a lot of potential. With all that testing completed and tons of feedback shaping up the game over these last months, Trickster Arts is finally ready to announce that Monolisk will be arriving on October 15th. You can currently pre-order the game on the iOS App Store, or pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store for Android. Either route you take you’ll be able to hop into Monolisk and play a ton of user levels as well as make some of your own in just a couple of weeks, and in the meantime feel free to drop by the thread in our forums for some discussion.