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Check Out a New Video of Upcoming Action RPG ‘Monolisk’ in Action

Back in May developer Trickster Arts unveiled the latest project that they had been working on, an action RPG called Monolisk. It featured a really cool art style, as well as environments that sort of “flew in" very similarly to the classic Bastion. It also featured five different highly customizable playable characters as well as all manner of loot to equip them with. Pretty standard fare for the genre, to be honest. What stood out about Monolisk is its emphasis on creating your own dungeons (which are called “Shards" in the game) and sharing them with others online. Those who play your creations can then rate them upon completion, and the creators with highly rated levels would be able to earn some additional loot for their efforts. It was a really cool concept and one you don’t really see on mobile. Now some four months later and Trickster Arts is showing off the first video of a user created Shard. This one features the Red Knight and was created by Khrypt.

Man, Monolisk looks really cool. And seeing how the developers say “Here comes the first of MONOLISK gameplay videos" I’d expect these sorts of things will become more common going forward, and I’d also guess that the game is getting ever closer to being completed. No word on an official release window just yet but you can still sign up to beta test Monolisk over on the official website and we’ll continue to keep our eye on this one.