Universal MONOLISK (by Trickster Arts)- Beta - Action RPG, CCG, Dungeon builder

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  1. Erric

    Erric Well-Known Member

    MONOLISK - Beta is here!

    After more than 3 years of silent development we are hyped to show you what we at Trickster Arts have been working on! Check the trailer for our brand new fantasy action RPG game and sign up for BETA!

    WEB: http://MONOLISK.net

    MONOLISK is a fantasy mobile ARPG where players clear dungeons (we call them “Shards”) with one of five customizable heroes, collect cards with loot, creatures and environments, then build their own Shards for other players to explore. MONOLISK is a world that was shattered into pieces and players have the opportunity to recreate it and fill it with their own stories.

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  2. ste86uk

    ste86uk Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2012
    Looks good and sounds interesting and could be really good. I signed up although safari didn’t like opening that web page for some reason and said not secure which I’ve never seen before.
  3. Slowz

    Slowz Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2018
    Looks good!
  4. Erric

    Erric Well-Known Member

    Thanks, we will need to check what Safari dislikes about our page :/
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  5. Erric

    Erric Well-Known Member

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    Tutorial finally here!

    MONOLISK got a proper tutorial, we improved the onboarding process by a lot, added some features like one-way-door and there are already thousands dungeons to play.

    Feel free to sign up for beta on https://monolisk.net/ and get the game today!
  6. Erric

    Erric Well-Known Member

    Notch support

    We just have released a version supporting displays with notch. Something lot of you, iOS users, especially need :)
  7. Erric

    Erric Well-Known Member

    Game Center connect implemented

    You will never lose your account since now ;)
  8. Erric

    Erric Well-Known Member

    Here comes the first of MONOLISK gameplay videos
    Level author: Khrypt

    Red Knight high damage set is one of the simplest to play. Raise the legendary heavy mace smash through the enemies, stun the big ones and deal some AoE damage! There's a story about Red Knight, but that's for another time...
  9. Erric

    Erric Well-Known Member

  10. Erric

    Erric Well-Known Member

  11. stubbieoz

    stubbieoz Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2015
    Grey haired gamer
    NSW Australia
    It’s a nice looking game and the beta plays well, but I feel the lack of any sort of campaign will hurt the game badly.
  12. Erric

    Erric Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the feedback.
    During the development we decided rather to give more content for players to build with than saving that for one unique story campaign. And we plan to give the players to build their own campaigns in future.
  13. Capronissimo71

    Capronissimo71 Well-Known Member

    Sep 5, 2011
  14. Erric

    Erric Well-Known Member

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