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Upcoming Mobile MMORPG ‘Warhammer: Odyssey’ Gets First Teaser Trailer

About a month ago Virtual Realms, who you may remember as the developer of the well-received mobile MMORPG Celtic Heroes (Free) way back in 2011, announced that they’d be partnering up with Games Workshop to develop a new mobile MMORPG based in the Warhammer universe. It’s called Warhammer: Odyssey and it’ll be a fully 3D open-world MMORPG that will feature 6 different classes (to start) and take place in iconic Warhammer locations like Marienburg in the Old World, with more locations to be added through expansions. It sounded promising but all we had to go on at that time was still images and concept art. Today Virtual Realms has released the first official teaser video for Warhammer: Odyssey showing the gorgeous 3D environments you’ll be exploring in the game.

It looks pretty darn good, ya’ll. One of the biggest questions about Warhammer: Odyssey that potential players had is if the game would feature automated systems for battling or traveling or what have you. That’s been kind of a staple in most mobile MMORPGs and it’s a pretty divisive thing amongst players. Well according to a FAQ posted on the game’s Discord, “There are no auto-pathing/play features currently in Warhammer: Odyssey" so that will either get you really excited or really grumpy depending on which side of the automated fence you sit. As for when the game will launch they’re shooting for early next year and if you want a chance to get in on future beta testing then head over to the official website to register, and also check out more information and discussion on Warhammer: Odyssey in our forums.