Nintendo’s ‘Mario Kart Tour’ Now Available

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It feels like it was only yesterday that Nintendo announced a Mario Kart game for mobile, but in fact it’s closing in on two years since they revealed Mario Kart Tour via a picture of a logo back in January of 2018. Of course, with such a heavy hitter game series and almost no information, speculation was rampant as to just what Mario Kart Tour would actually be like. Would it be a full-blown Mario Kart game like on consoles? Or would it be a super stripped-down for mobile, free to play, mere shell of what the series is known and loved for? That answer as it turns out is somewhere in the middle.

Nintendo held a closed beta for Mario Kart Tour back in May, and the impressions from those who were able to play that early version was that it was a pretty typical free to play game, and the racing itself was pretty watered down compared to a full Mario Kart game, but despite everything it was actually pretty fun for what it was. Not amazing praise but then again Nintendo would probably MUCH rather you run out and spend $60 on Mario Kart 8 for your Switch, you know? It could be worse!

Well anyway, if you’ve been curious to check out Mario Kart Tour for yourself, you can finally do so as the game is now available for download in the App Store. It’s not QUITE ready to be played, however, as once you fire it up there’s a pop-up letting you know that server maintenance is taking place and the game will be up and running at midnight. That’s midnight Pacific time, as that’s the time zone where Nintendo of America is based, so a couple more hours still. But you can download it now and when the servers kick in you’ll be ready to race, and be sure to check out the thread in our forums to share your thoughts about Mario Kart Tour once it’s playable later today.

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