Playdigious Confirms that Rise of the Giant Expansion will be Coming to ‘Dead Cells’ on iOS

In early May, Playdigious announced that they’d be porting Motion Twin’s critically acclaimed roguelike action platformer Dead Cells to the iOS platform. The thought of toting Dead Cells around in your pocket was an exciting one, but many wondered just how a hardcore game like this would translate to the touchscreen. Playdigious went over that process in a very interesting blog post that same month, and then in June Dead Cells for iOS went up for pre-order on the App Store with an expected release date of July 17th. Unfortunately they didn’t hit that date and the game was delayed more than a month, until early this morning when the iOS version of Dead Cells finally arrived in the App Store. Check out the brand new launch trailer for the iOS version of Dead Cells.

Although not perfect, people in our forums have been blown away by just how well it works on the touchscreen, and it’s kind of hard to believe you can play a masterpiece like Dead Cells on a tiny little iPhone. We’ll have a full review going over all that stuff very shortly, but one question many people had been wondering ever since the original announcement is if the iOS version of Dead Cells would include the “Rise of the Giant" expansion content that was released on other platforms earlier this year. While this initial release does not include that content, Playdigious did confirm on Twitter today that they’re currently working on bringing Rise of the Giant to iOS Dead Cells in a future update.

The expansion features more new stuff than would be realistic to list here, but you can check out the official patch notes to see just what is included. You can also see just how many of the new features are direct results of fan requests, showing just what a fantastic developer Motion Twin is. We’ll keep an eye out for any sort of release window for Rise of the Giant on iOS, but in the meantime check out the trailer for the expansion below and bask in its glory.