‘Dead Cells’ From Motion Twin and Playdigious Has Finally Launched On the App Store As a Premium Release

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A little while ago, Motion Twin announced an iOS port of the critically acclaimed Dead Cells ($8.99) with a July release target. The port has been done by the lovely folk at Playdigious and after an initial delay, a final release date was set for August 28th. As expected, Dead Cells started rolling out a few hours ago on the App Store. This is a Playdigious release so expect the same amount of polish and feature set as their other titles including controller support. Watch the trailer for it below:

Dead Cells is definitely one of the highest rated indie games in recent years. It also won loads of awards on both PC and consoles including Action Game of the Year. As with most iOS releases, the asking price is much lower than the PC release. If you’re worried about any in app purchases, there are none. This is a premium release priced at just $7.99 on the App Store. Dead Cells costs $24.99 on other platforms so this is a nice discount. It is going to be interesting seeing how Dead Cells fares on iOS for me because I had a lot of trouble with the Switch version’s performance. I would love to have a proper smooth portable experience on iPad. Have you played Dead Cells yet?

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