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Action-Packed On-Rails Shooter ‘Sky Squadron’ Now Available in Open Beta

In May of last year, we first learned about Sky Squardon, an on-rails shooter from the makers of the excellent Astro Attack (Free) that aimed to be a mashup of Star Fox and the Crimson Skies series. Even in that early state, Sky Squadron looked really cool, and a few months later we got an updated look at the game via a new set of trailers. Since then, two-person developer Trick Shot has been hard at work on the game while also dealing with real-world obligations like planning for a wedding. Hey, it happens. They also spent time giving both the mission system and the combat a massive overhaul, ensuring there is always tons of action happening in the midst of the randomly generated levels. Anyway, after a period of silence Trick Shot has come back with some big news as well as a new trailer of Sky Squadron, check it out.

That big news I mentioned? Sky Squadron is now in a state where they’ve released an open beta version, meaning anybody on iOS can check out the latest version of the game for themselves. Just head over to the thread in our forums to find a public Testflight link to the beta version of the game, and a short download later and you’ll be playing! The game has come a long ways since we first saw it more than a year ago, and it’s looking really awesome in its current state. There’s still a ways to go however, and the planned release window at this time isn’t until early next year, but in the meantime be sure to check out the open beta version of Sky Squadron as work on it continues.