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‘Sky Squadron’ Continues to Look Awesome, Beta Testing Sign-Ups Still Open

Back in May we brought you the news that the makers of the wonderful (and recently updated) shoot ’em up Astro Attack (Free) had a new game in the works called Sky Squadron. The aim of this new game was to provide a third-person aerial shooter that was something of a blend between the Star Fox and the Crimson Skies series, and even in the very early footage from back in May Sky Squadron was looking really cool. Well the team has been making great progress on the game in the months since, and recently posted a couple of new videos of Sky Squadron in action. The first one shows you the wingman functionality as one of your AI-controlled buddies zooms in to save your hide, and the second video shows off a new raid mission where you infiltrate a tuna factory.

If you’re having Star Fox flashbacks and are waiting for Slippy to chime in with his annoying banter, don’t worry, the characters in Sky Squadron are cats, which also explains why they’re all about collecting tuna. When first announced in May the developers were looking for players to beta test Sky Squadron and if you missed out on signing up to test back then don’t worry, they’re pretty much always accepting new testers and looking for additional feedback. If you check out the thread in our forums you can find all the links you need to sign up, and the devs have also been keeping a development blog that features more information about Sky Squadron and some more inside baseball dev type stuff, if you’re interested. We’ll continue to keep our eye on this one and hope it won’t take too long to push this promising shooter out into the world.