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Clever “Chess Meets Runner” Game ‘Knight Quest’ Lives and is Launching on iOS on August 26th, Android on August 30th

Back in the spring of 2017 we met up with Golden Bite Games during that year’s GDC to check out a really clever title they had in the works called Runnedrez. The name was a portmanteau of the word “runner" and the Spanish word for Chess, “Ajedrez." As you can imagine it was an endless runner type of game but bound to the rules of Chess, where you played as the Knight piece and could only move in the “L-shaped" fashion as in Chess proper. As you made your way down the gridded lane of the game other Chess pieces were out to get you, and they too were bound by their individual Chess rules. It was a really solid set of mechanics and a cool twist on both the runner formula and Chess, but the graphics left a lot to be desired and the name Runnedrez, while clever, didn’t exactly roll off the tongue. So Golden Bite asked our forum members to help come up with a new name, and gave the graphics an overhaul, and the result was the newly christened Knight Quest which we checked out the following year at GDC 2018. Now the journey is coming to an end as Knight Quest finally has a solid release date, as well as a new trailer.

Knight Quest has really made some strides since we first saw it back in 2017, eh? As for the release date, it’s set to go live on iOS later this month on August 26th, with an Android version hitting the Google Play Store just a few days later on August 30th. It’ll feature both a set of hand-crafted levels as part of a single-player campaign as well as an endless mode. I’m always happy to see games finally see the finish line after initially seeing them in such an early state, so I’ll be looking forward to getting my hands on the final version of Knight Quest when it arrives later this month.