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GDC 2018: ‘Knight Quest’ is a Clever Runner-Style Game Using the Rules of Chess

If you were paying much attention to our coverage of GDC last year, you might remember a really clever upcoming game from developer Golden Bite Games with the peculiar name Runnedrez. The name itself was a mashup of the word “runner" with the Spanish word for Chess, which is Ajedrez. As neat of an idea as that name is, it’s also not the catchiest name in the world, especially for a mobile game. So Golden Bite solicited some new name ideas from members of our community and they landed on Knight Quest, which is a much better name in my opinion. They also completely overhauled the art style of the game, moving from the more drab 2D art that we saw in the build from last GDC into the much more colorful 3D art that you can see in our latest hands-on video below from this year’s GDC. They’re hoping to launch Knight Quest in the next couple of months so keep an eye out for it.