The Always Sunny in Philadelphia Game ‘Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile’ Hits the App Store

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It was just about this time last year that EastSide Games announced that they’d partnered up with Fox and FX to create a mobile game based on the hit show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The game would be appropriately titled Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile, and follow around the group of misfits as they performed nefarious tasks in an effort to launder a load of dirty money that Frank had fallen into. Basically, it was a way to follow along with all the awfulness of the Always Sunny gang in an interactive manner as you encountered characters and events from the show. And seeing how EastSide is the ones who brought us the astoundingly fan-service-filled Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money a few years back, things seemed poised for greatness with their Always Sunny take. And today you can experience it for yourself as Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile (Free) is now officially available on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for Android.

If you’ve played EastSide’s Trailer Park Boys game, then you’ll have a pretty good idea of what’s in store for Always Sunny. It’s more or less an idle clicker style of game where you’re carrying out new types of schemes in order to earn more and more money, which is represented with the tried and true formula of watching progress bars fill. That progression and upgrade loop is super tight and it’s fun unlocking new schemes and min/maxing everything to high heaven. Of course the real enjoyment comes from the A+++ fan service in Always Sunny, as the game is broken up into separate episodes and the dialogue and storylines that play out through each is pitch perfect in tune with the actual show. I can hear everyone’s voices saying the dialogue in my head, and I’ve laughed out loud at more than a few things even in the very early goings of the game. If you enjoy idle games and are an Always Sunny fan, Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile is a no-brainer for free.

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