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The Remastered Mobile ‘Flashback’ Hitting iOS and Android July 22nd for $4.99

It was one week ago today that we first told you that Paul Cuisset’s classic 1992 cinematic platformer Flashback was making its way to iOS and Android sometime this summer, but today Cuisset and publisher SFL interactive have narrowed that date down to July 22nd, less than a week away! This mobile release of Flashback isn’t just a straight port of a nearly 30 year old game (like what we got back in 2009), as Cuisset himself as the designer of the original has worked directly with SFL Interactive to provide the original experience with some slick modern touches. These will include Post-FX Graphic Filters, Remastered Sound and Music, a Rewind Function, a new Tutorial, and the option for the original control scheme or a new scheme that has been developed specifically for touch screens. Flashback’s remastered mobile release is similar to the remastered releases on console and PC that launched last year. Here’s a newer trailer than the one we posted last week which is more focused on the actual gameplay in Flashback, and also offers a glimpse of the rewind function in action.

Flashback looks great even all these years later, and it’s always so interesting to see how well games with strong design aesthetics can stand the test of time compared to many of their contemporaries of the day. This is especially true of early 3D polygonal games, but even sprite-based pixel art games from the ’90s that I once thought looked mind-blowing look absolutely dreadful to my eyes today. Not the case with Flashback. I feel like its excellent use of color, detailed environments, and especially that rotoscoped animation will always look awesome no matter what year it is. I’m very much looking forward to enjoying Flashback on the go once again when it arrives next week on July 22nd for both iOS and Android at a price of $4.99.