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‘Smash Dungeon’ Still Plugging Along, New Gameplay Video Released

Back in February we checked out an early video of Smash Dungeon from solo developer Plastic Cow Games, and really liked how it was shaping up. Smash Dungeon is essentially the love child of Gauntlet and Smash TV, as it’s a top-down action game where you’ll move from room to room in randomly generated dungeons taking out enemies and collecting loot. Being that this is the work of just one person, progress has been slower than initially anticipated, with the struggles of real life also causing development delays. However, for the past month or so things have once again been chugging along, and over the weekend Plastic Cow shared a new gameplay trailer of Smash Dungeon showcasing what a typical playthrough would look like. Check it out.

Over the past 5 or so months since we last checked in on Smash Dungeon, a lot of behind the scenes stuff has been done as well as a lot of little design details. As such the game is taking on a very Binding of Isaac look in addition to its Gauntlet and Smash TV inspirations, which is very exciting indeed. If you want to read up on some of those changes and what some of the features of Smash Dungeon will be, head over to the thread in our forums and read all about it. While a release date is still undetermined, Smash Dungeon is getting closer and closer to the point of needing beta testers, so once that time comes we’ll be sure to share the news with you.