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After Three Long Years, Multiplayer-Focused ‘Street Kart Racing’ is Finally Launching in August

It feels like we’ve been following the progress of Fat Cigar’s Street Kart Racing forever and, well, in the world of mobile 3+ years kind of IS forever. But that’s how long it’s been since we first laid eyes on Street Kart Racing back in February of 2016, and then the following August we covered it going into beta testing. Then in 2017 we checked in with Street Kart Racing a couple more times, once in June when the developers were looking for more beta testing help, and then again in December when they announced their intentions of going into open beta. And indeed Street Kart Racing has been soft-launched in select regions since about last summer, with Fat Cigar Productions working away tirelessly to ensure this is the absolute best kart racing simulation game on the planet. And now all that hard work is hopefully about to pay off as they’ve announced that the global launch for Street Kart Racing will be coming this August and they’ve released a brand new trailer.

In case the “Not for Wimps!" disclaimer at the beginning of the video didn’t tip you off, Street Kart Racing is going for a hardcore simulation style of game and Fat Cigar has spent the past three years testing with actual professional street kart racers as well as regular old racing game enthusiasts to ensure everything looks and feels exactly as it should. This is either great news or terrible news depending on how you feel about simulation-style racers. This isn’t something you just hop into and start drifting around corners like it ain’t no thang, this is a game that will require real practice and dedication to be successful at. Much like real-life racing. The reward for putting in that kind of time is usually pretty worth it though, so if a hardcore street kart simulation sounds like it’s up your alley, look for Street Kart Racing to arrive this August, and head over to the official website where you can sign up for a waiting list in the meantime.