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Multiplayer-Focused Karting Game ‘Street Kart’ Will Go Into Open Beta Early 2018

Back in 2016, we wrote about an upcoming racing game called Street Kart that was focused on multiplayer competition and as realistic a driving model as possible. That game has been in various states of testing since then, and I’ve had the opportunity to play it quite a few times. Soon, more of you will be able to try Street Kart out once it goes into open beta in early 2016, and soon after that it will soft launch in select territories. If you want to be one of the around 7000 people to be part of the public beta, head over here and sign up. If you like racing games, you should definitely try the game out, as long as you don’t mind having to deal with the game’s freemium model.

Street Kart is all about competitive racing, and it’s built to push that aspect. You will take part in all kinds of events with people across the world, and if you want to beat them, you’ll have to spend time setting up your kart to take advantage of weather conditions and track features. This isn’t an arcade kart game, and for most I think that’s a good thing. World Kart champions seem to be into it, praising its physics and competitive nature, so you should also give it a go, if you like racing games. Head over to our Upcoming Games forum thread to learn more about Street Kart.