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Raise the Dead to Battle on Your Behalf in ‘Undead Horde’ from 10tons, Coming to Mobile this Fall

Have I ever mentioned how much I love developer 10tons? Because I do. Even though they got there start creating games for desktop more than 15 years ago, they’ve been a mainstay on pretty much every mobile platform since the very beginnings of the iPhone. They’ve released tons of different types of games for mobile in the last ten years, but have really come to be known for their excellent dual-stick shooters, like Tesla vs. Lovecraft, JYDGE, Neon Chrome, and their classic debut game Crimsonland. While in recent years 10tons has expanded their reach and focused on console and PC, they’ve never forgotten about mobile, and more often than not their console and PC games end up on mobile at some point. The latest example of this is Undead Horde, which they’ve announced as coming to mobile sometime this fall. First, the trailer for Undead Horde, which only just launched on consoles and PC last month, followed by a brief video showing the game running on mobile devices.

As you can see, Undead Horde is something of an action RPG blended with a real-time strategy game. You’ll play a Necromancer who can summon hordes of the undead (hence the game’s title!) to do your battling for you. You’re no slouch yourself though, with tons of cool gear and weaponry to hack and slash your enemies with. And then of course you can bring back those slain villains to do your evil bidding. Why didn’t anyone tell me being a Necromancer would be so awesome? Undead Horde has received a hugely positive reception on other platforms so far, and I think the experience will translate really well to mobile. As you can see in that second video you’ll play with a simple set of virtual buttons and a virtual analog stick, but 10tons is also really good about fully supporting MFi controllers with their mobile releases. And come iOS 13, that’ll mean you can play with an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller, which might even be how you play the game right now. How cool is that? Once word of an official release date for the mobile version of Undead Horde is announced we’ll let you know.