‘The Battle of Polytopia’ Just Got Updated with the Polaris Tribe That Brings New Features and the Ability to Freeze the Map

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The Battle of Polytopia (Free) from Midjiwan is one of our favourite games and a cult classic on the App Store. It has been great seeing how a game in this genre works so well on touchscreens and also the pace at which new content is added to the game. The Battle of Polytopia has received a ton of updates adding various requested features like online multiplayer and basically keeping it fresh for newcomers and longtime fans. Today, a new tribe has been added to the game in a new update and things are about to get cold. Watch the demo playthrough with Polaris below:

The Polaris tribe has been added in Version 1.14 that released a few hours ago. It has the unique ability of being able to freeze who portions of the map. The Polaris also bring new features like Sleds, Ice Magic, and more. The tribe is available for $1.99 in game. If you missed the news earlier, Midjiwan is still planning on bringing the game to PC with full cross platform support. Read about that here.

If you have The Battle of Polytopia, make sure check out this article to find more people playing it and you can also read our forum thread dedicated to the multiplayer aspect of the game. Do you play the game often and still enjoy it?

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