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Munch Some Yummy Food With ‘NomNoms’, Coming to iOS And Android Next Week

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HyperBeard is back, this time publishing a brand new free-to-play game by Jettelly that will make your tummy growl while your mind is filled with some super kawaii (that’s cute in Japanese!) characters. Meet NomNoms(Free).

NomNoms are sweet little monsters (they’re seriously too cute to be called such a thing) whose goal is simple: eat as much yummy food as possible. The foods (or noms) are stored in nom-tainers, which are little colourful eggs with happy faces. In NomNoms, everything has a face: even the food has character. It’s cute layered upon cute and I already can’t wait to get my hands on it.

It all sounds happy and such, but not all is well is the world of NomNoms. An evil witch has stolen all the eggs – and thus, all the noms! – and placed them out of reach. Or so she thought… I bet those clever little NomNoms could reach some of those places. And that’s just what they have to do, launching themselves at precise angles to reach the eggs and nom all the food.

HyperBeard is behind some titles you may recognize, each carving their own spot in the world of kawaii mobile games. To name a few, there is the hit KleptoCats (now a series of its own with a numbered sequel), Chichens, and Clawbert.

NomNoms is ready to take over your tummy on May 23. You can pre-order it for iOS here, or play an early access version for Android here.

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    NomNoms are cute little monsters that just want to munch, or NOM, on yummy foods, called "NOMS"... which are stored in s…
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