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The Augmented Reality ‘Minecraft’ Project Has Been Fully Revealed as ‘Minecraft Earth’

Earlier this month, Minecraft and Microsoft were teasing a new augmented reality project. This has been revealed today as Minecraft Earth which brings the world of Minecraft to the real world on iOS and Android. The original teaser below showcases an early look at it. Minecraft Earth will let you share your creations and get a whole new perspective on them including other people’s creations.

The game will also have mobs from Minecraft including new ones and you will be able to breed unique variants and use them in your own builds. You can also create together before taking your builds to a larger scale. There is a definite Pokemon GO influence since you can gather resources and take on challenges while moving around in real life. Watch the full reveal of Minecraft Earth below:

Minecraft Earth is free to play and it will launch on AR compatible iOS and Android devices. There will be a closed beta and you can sign up for a chance to play it early here. It will be released this summer in closed beta and they have confirmed it won’t have loot boxes. Players who sign up for the beta get a Minecraft Earth skin as well. It is going to be interesting seeing how this plays out because Minecraft is beyond massive and continues to grow while other games and trends slowly fade away. What do you think of Minecraft Earth so far?