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Catch and Collect All Sorts of Trinkets in ‘Clawbert’ This Week

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HyperBeard Games, the folks behind titles such as The Balloons (Free), KleptoCats (Free) and Alchademy (Free), are back with a new published title. Clawbert, developed by Bow 3 Games, will have you playing the classic crane game/UFO catcher, in order to collect all sorts of cute toys and trinkets for your collection. Expect all sorts of references as KleptoCats and Alchademy have, and the joy of playing a crane game without having to sink tons of dollars in to possibly win something. I mean, your prizes are going to be virtual goods, but better to have virtual prizes than no prizes.

Clawbert hits on March 16th on iOS and Android (with the game soft launched on Google Play) Given the potential for all the cute stuff you can get in this game, this should prove to be fun for its intended audience that wants a nice casual collectathon.

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