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Rodent-Based Beat ’em Up ‘Hamsterdam’ Now Available on Google Play Early Access

I’ve had my eye on Hamsterdam ever since I first laid eyes on it back in August of 2017. I love beat ’em ups so was naturally intrigued, but I also loved that Hamsterdam utilized a very clever touchscreen control system that featured some elements of rhythm-based tapping and some natural gesture-based moves. Basically it looked like the kind of game that was tailor made for mobile, and about a year after that initial unveiling developer Muse Games launched a new trailer alongside a Kickstarter campaign hoping to drum up some extra funds to help finish off the game. That campaign was successful and raised nearly twice the amount they were looking for, and right as it was ending they released a gameplay-heavy trailer for Hamsterdam showing how the game worked and its progress so far. Here is the most recent trailer for Hamsterdam which is a nice synopsis of what it’s all about.

So now Muse Games is hitting another milestone on the way to finishing up Hamsterdam, and that is launching the game in the Google Play Early Access program for Android devices. You can head over to the Google Play Store to grab the game completely for free with no ads or IAP or anything. All Muse asks in return is that you play the heck out of this early version of Hamsterdam, as the Early Access program allows them to see all sorts of analytics like “how long and often you play, what level you rage-quit after, and so on." They also ask that you Wishlist it and rate it on Google Play, and tell all your Android-owning friends to download the game and do the same. Mostly though just play the heck out of it.

Are you on iOS and feeling jealous of your Android friends getting early access? Don’t worry, there’s also a public Testflight link so you can check out the beta version of Hamsterdam too, and if you head over to the game’s official website you’ll find links to things like the game’s Discord channel and other social media as well as a newsletter signup so you can stay on top of any news or announcements. We’ll continue keeping our eye on how Hamsterdam shapes up as well and hopefully it won’t be too much longer until the final version is in our furry little paws.