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‘SINoALICE’ from Yoko Taro Is Launching Globally Soon and Nexon Has Begun Taking Pre-Registrations on the New English Website

SINoALICE from Yoko Taro (NieR, NieR: Automata and the superlative Drakengard series) was released in Japan in the middle of 2017 on iOS and Android. Ever since then, fans outside Japan had been waiting on an announcement for an English version. A localisation was announced a while ago but we hadn’t heard more about the English release for SINoALICE since then. Nexon is handling the English version and you watch the trailer for it below:

Square Enix has far too many mobile games on the App Store in Japan. I downloaded loads of them to check them out a little while ago. The one I was most curious about was SINoALICE since it involves Yoko Taro who has yet to disappoint me. That might change when the English version releases but I will still give it a proper shot. You can pre-register for it now on Nexon’s official website for the game. There are pre-registration rewards at different tiers and also bonuses for all who pre-register. Once 4444 people pre-register, players get 100 Magic Jewels. 44444 pre-registrations net all players a limited edition job and an SS weapon while 444444 pre-registrations net players 200 Magic Jewels. The final tier of 500000 pre-registrations nets players the SS Nightmare and 5 upgrade swords. Check out a character trailer below:

If you’ve avoided the Japanese release so far and have waited for the English version, you can pre-register here. If you’d like to see how the Japanese original version is, check out the official website here. What are your expectations from this release with Nexon handling publishing?