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Lengthy New ‘Hamsterdam’ Video Shows Off a Ton of Gameplay

We’ve had our eye on Hamsterdam from Muse Games since we first saw it during the summer of last year, and we really enjoyed their approach to creating a beat ’em up game with truly native touchscreen controls rather than just a bunch of virtual buttons. After that initial announcement though, Muse had to step away from Hamsterdam for a bit to work on other projects before refocusing their attention on it this past August when they launched a Kickstarter campaign and announced that the game would be heading to multiple platforms. Well they blew by their initial Kickstarter goal and as of this writing with just under two days remaining they’re about to actually double that initial goal. Good job! That also means development has been moving forward at a good clip and today Muse has unveiled a full 3-minute video showcasing the many types of gameplay in Hamsterdam, check it out.

So as you can see, the meat and potatoes of Hamsterdam is its combat that sees you taking on a bunch of bad guys by utilizing various types of quick-time events and some good old-fashioned button mashing. However, there’s a lot more to the game than that which includes some different types of mini-game-style sections AND my favorite feature of all: Scootering! Highly reminiscent of the Rat on a Scooter/Skateboard/Snowboard games from Donut Games, these scooter portions see the main character Pimm riding, jumping, and grinding in a variety of environments which also looks to include part of a boss fight. Oh, and speaking of those boss fights! From what I can see in this trailer they look wonderfully imaginative and entertaining. While no release date is set yet, you can still try to get in on the mobile beta testing by signing up here for iOS or Android, and hopefully it won’t be too long until we can dive into the finished Hamsterdam product.