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Promising Beat’ em Up ‘Hamsterdam’ Gets New Trailer and is Heading to More Platforms

We first learned of the adorable beat ’em up Hamsterdam from developer Muse Games back in August of last year, though they’ve actually had the project in the works in some form for a number of years now. Continuing development on their popular Guns of Icarus series on PC kept the team pretty busy, but recently they’ve decided to go full speed ahead on Hamsterdam which includes setting up a Kickstarter campaign, expanding which platforms the game will be heading to, and releasing this slick new trailer showing the game in action. Check it out.

One of the things that caught my attention about Hamsterdam last year was its clever control mechanics. It uses a mixture of classic beat ’em up button mashing and some rhythm-based quick-time style events, and it all seems to weave into the overall gameplay quite seamlessly. Beyond mobile, Hamsterdam is destined for Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac, and PS Vita as well. Switch and Vita have touchscreens so that makes sense, but I’m curious to see how things will play out in the desktop version. At any rate, Muse has already just about reached their modest Kickstarter goal for Hamsterdam and they’re shooting for release at some point next year, so we’ll continue to keep our eye on its progress.