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Noodlecake’s ‘Golf Blitz’ Launching Worldwide on May 2nd

Canada’s most beloved game developer Noodlecake Games announced the newest entry in their massively popular Super Stickman Golf series back in December, called simply Golf Blitz. We didn’t know a ton about it back then other than it had one of the wackier teaser trailers in recent memory, and that it was a Super Stickman Golf game so it was bound to be awesome. In late January Noodlecake launched a beta, and in late February they soft-launched Golf Blitz in select territories. Then last month we got a lengthy demo of the game during GDC, and loved what we saw so much we named Golf Blitz our Game of GDC. So now what? Well how about launching this sucker worldwide! Noodlecake has announced that Golf Blitz will indeed be going live worldwide in a little over a week on May 2nd. Here’s a new trailer.

You may be wondering “Why Golf Blitz and not Super Stickman Golf 4?" and that is a valid question. Basically, Golf Blitz is a multiplayer-focused spinoff of the main series, with some pretty big twists to the formula. First and foremost is its reimagined controls making it conducive to portrait-oriented play. A really intuitive drag-and-release system allows you to launch shots with one hand and just a single thumb, which is perfect as you’ll be battling it out with other players in real time and won’t want to be fiddling around lining up shots using the old style controls. There’s also a CRAP LOAD (that is a real unit of measure) of power-ups and items to unlock and use in the extensive character progression system, and this is a game Noodlecake hopes will grow a huge community and be supported for years to come. Based on the soft launch I don’t think that will be a problem. So look out for Golf Blitz when it arrives for free next week.