‘Cubed Rally World’ Announced for App Store Return, as GameClub Releases Its Titles For a Public TestFlight Beta

As far as classic iOS driving games go, Cubed Rally Racer definitely holds a special place in my heart. Beyond the simple presentation and basic cel-shaded graphics lied an incredibly compelling arcade racing title, and one that quickly collected a cult following and, under the mercurial touch of developer Nocanwin, even created one of the App Store’s most beloved series of indie titles. Cubed Rally Redline took the original game’s spirit and incorporated it into an endless driver where, instead of full control of the car, you swapped lanes and drifted around corners to rack up the points, and its sequel Cubed Rally World took this concept and threw in a number of ridiculously brilliant game modes to the mix. I still enjoy the game on Android to this day, but iOS users haven’t been so lucky. Thankfully, GameClub are here yet again to save the day and have announced Cubed Rally World as their next game, and have released a number of titles for early access over TestFlight.

If you’ve either been living under a rock, on holiday somewhere without an internet connection or simply have skipped over the news, there are a number of awesome titles from the iOS history books that GameClub have announced that they will be resurrecting. As well as the aforementioned Cubed Rally World, this includes Incoboto, Hook Champ, Sword of Fargoal and more. If you’re interested in trying any of these out in the GameClub early access program, you can either head to their dedicated Discord server to provide feedback (including any bugs you may notice) and join the community there, or just use these TestFlight links to download them directly:

What games do you want to see GameClub tackle next? Am I able to patiently wait for Dungeon Raid like a civilised human being? So many questions – and I’d love to hear your answers either in the comments or on our nice and friendly TouchArcade Discord server.