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TouchArcade Game of GDC 2019: ‘Golf Blitz’

While there were some great releases this week (and you really should check out all of them), since we spent all week at GDC meeting with developers and seeing their upcoming games we have in the past picked our one favorite game and dubbed it our Game of GDC in lieu of our normal Game of the Week feature. And so that’s what we’re doing! This year we saw a bunch of cool games, but the one I think I’m most excited for is Golf Blitz from Noodlecake Games. This is actually a new entry in the legendary Super Stickman Golf series, but is entirely focused on multiplayer mayhem. It’s also designed for more streamlined play with its portrait orientation that lets you play with just one hand. Check out our demo from GDC to see what Golf Blitz is all about.

Phew, that’s a long video! But that goes to show just how much there is to Golf Blitz. Not only is there an extremely deep progression system, but there’s also a staggering amount of things to unlock and customize your game with. But at its heart Golf Blitz is all about the multiplayer, and it’s impressive just how much Noodlecake has been able to highlight the social and competitive aspects of the game. As you may recall Noodlecake initially announced Golf Blitz in December, and then kicked off a beta test at the end of January. Then late last month they soft-launched the game in select regions. So if you find that you just can’t wait then there are certainly ways to get your hands on Golf Blitz early, and there’s a very vibrant community around the game already on the game’s Discord server. Otherwise you can check out the official full launch of Golf Blitz on iOS and Android in the next couple of months.