Best New iPhone Games on Our Forums: ‘Pirates Outlaw’, ‘Idle Guardians’, ‘Breakout Infinity’, and Loads More

HEY EVERYBODY! It’s the last one of these I’ll (probably) ever do on TouchArcade! So, for this momentous occasion we’ll tip our hats at a real up holiday folks actually observe as a change of pace (mostly because I have an amusing anecdote). Today is Ash Wednesday, and the first day of Lent! I grew up in a non-religious household in a predominantly Catholic area, and one of my early Lent memories involved listening to some girls in my class talk about how they were all giving up New Kids on the Block for Lent. For years young Eli thought the whole point of the holiday was to listen to different music. Anyway, provided you didn’t give up mobile gaming for Lent (surely there’s someone out there who did that), this week has another onslaught of mobile games to dig through:

As always, stay tuned for our full roundup later this evening!