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‘Dear Stefan’ is a Super Adorable Twitch-Based Puzzler Featuring Hedgehogs, Coming to iOS and Android Next Week

Did you know that hedgehog cafes are a thing? I mean I’ve heard of cat cafes, where you go and get a beverage or a pastry and just frolic around with a ton of cats that are hanging out. It sounds amazing. But I had no idea there was something similar that features the similarly adorable but much more rare hedgehog. I guess it actually is a thing though, as developer Mariana Mota spent time at a hedgehog cafe while living in Tokyo and was inspired to make a game about the spiky little critters. An absolutely adorable game, I should add. It’s called Dear Stefan and it’s a puzzler where you need to activate and deactivate various platforms in order to bounce a crew of little hedgehogs around collecting lost love letters. It sounds kind of crazy but makes more sense if you watch the extremely pink trailer.

This sort of binary platform activation reminds me a bit of the lovely puzzler Perchang which launched a few years back, and as you can see in the above trailer there’s various other elements and mechanics that are introduced in Dear Stefan to ensure you’re always on your toes and not just activating platforms willy nilly. It seems like a nice combination of puzzling and twitch-based reacting. Dear Stefan will be launching for both iOS and Android and is set to launch next Wednesday, March 13th. If you enjoy super adorable hedgehogs mixed into your puzzlers then keep an eye out for it.