Mind-Bending Puzzler ‘Vignettes’ Is Receiving an Expansion, with a Steam Version Launching on March 6th

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I can’t get enough of those weird mobile titles that simply would not have been possible in the past. However, the App Store is now apparently over ten years old, so what really constitutes the past? God, I’m getting old. Anyway, Vignettes ($2.99) was the epitome of this incredibly unique and experimental quality that has really flourished under the accessibility of the App Store, and was one of the most memorable games of its time when it first launched on iOS back in 2017. Changing your perspective on objects by manipulating them with the touch screen – and then witnessing them transforming into entirely new items – was an absorbing experience, even if it came and went far too quickly for my liking. Thankfully, the developer has today announced that Vignettes is to receive an expansion in the near future, potentially alongside a new Steam port that is set to release on March 6th.

With only a PC and Mac teaser trailer to witness so far, the developers have not provided too many details on what additional new content may be included in this expansion. We don’t even know whether the update will launch alongside these ports, or if it will serve as an in-app purchase or just a free update – at the moment, all we have to go on is a confirmation tweet. To be honest, part of me would like it to stay that way – one of the coolest parts of Vignettes was going into it with basically no knowledge, expectations or instructions on what you’re about to encounter. That sense of intrigue and discovery was part of what makes Vignettes so memorable, and I’m glad that even more gamers will be able to try out this expanded experience on even more platforms in the near future.

For more information on this update, keep an eye on our forum thread or head to our Discord server for even more discussion on what eccentric encounters may be found in Vignettes in the coming weeks.

Update: The developer has confirmed on Twitter that the iOS update will launch alongside the Steam version on March 6th for free! Fantastic news, which makes recommending picking up Vignettes even easier for anyone who initially missed out on this gem.

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