‘Vignettes’ Is Another Great Game to Play on 4/20

We’ve been following the development of Vignettes ($2.99) ever since we saw it at GDC, and now that it’s finally available, I can’t wait to see what people think of it. The basic gist of the whole thing is you’re rotating an object in 3D space to find another hidden object inside of that object. For instance, check out how this lamp turns into a fan once you find the correct angle:

Vignettes GIF

The rest of Vignettes continues like that, with you swiping the screen to rotate your latest discovery to find something else. The experience oscillates from feeling really clever to feeling a bit like pixel hunting in adventure games when you’re not really sure what to do next and feel like you’ve tried everything. When things go well, however, and you’re rapidly blasting between object to object, you’ll definitely find yourself saying, “Whoa."

We’ve got a thread on our forums for the game, but since it was just released there’s not a whole lot of discussion yet. Definitely give this one a look if you’re into the artsy and weird corner of the App Store.