Rockstar Updates ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’ with Full Screen Support for iPhone X and iPad Pro Models

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It’s been a bit sad to see Rockstar Games no longer releasing games on mobile. They used to be good for a touchscreen port of one of their classic games roughly every year, but for the past few years there have been no new releases despite there still being some very good candidates for mobile ports in their back catalog. I guess they’re content swimming in the buckets of money that continue to come in from Grand Theft Auto Online as well as the extremely successful launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, and even though their mobile ports are very well-received and seem to sell a ton of copies I imagine it’s still just small potatoes to them compared to their other business. That said, they haven’t been ignoring their previously released mobile games, and today Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ($4.99) is the latest to receive an update adding in full screen support for the latest iPhone X and iPad Pro models.

While Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the biggest of that original PS2-era open-world GTA trilogy, many fans still point out Vice City as their favorite of the three, mostly due to its over-the-top Miami Vice-inspired ’80s stylings and absolutely killer soundtrack. I’d tend to agree. Speaking of San Andreas, Rockstar updated that mobile port with full screen support back in May of last year, and we wondered at the time if the rest of their library would follow. Well, they sure have been taking their sweet time, but that does seem to be the case as about 5 months later they updated Max Payne Mobile with full screen support and it’s been about 4 months since that bringing us to today’s Vice City update.

I’d guess that we’ll be seeing similar updates to one or two of their other games in 2019, and I’m personally really hoping that Bully and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars are in the mix. If you’re still waiting for your own favorite Rockstar mobile game to get a full screen update, my advice would be to remain patient as it seems like it’ll be coming eventually, and for now definitely dive back into the totally rad world of Vice City with this latest update.

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