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Auto-Run Platformer ‘Yeah Bunny 2’ Looking for Beta Testers

Back in June of 2017 Polish indie developer Adrian Zarzycki released Yeah Bunny! (Free), an incredibly cute auto-run platformer with great pixel art and simple one-touch controls. While runners are plentiful in the App Store, it’s always nice to see one with such polish and well-designed levels rather than yet another randomly generated endless affair, and Yeah Bunny! went on to achieve great success with more than 1.5 million downloads. After a hiatus from developing games, Zarzycki is now readying the release of the sequel to Yeah Bunny! titled, appropriately, Yeah Bunny 2. He’s not trying to reinvent the wheel here, and Yeah Bunny 2 will feature more of the solid mechanics from the first game as well as 50 brand new levels and another little story to experience with its cute characters. Here’s a trailer.

Now for the exciting part. Yeah Bunny 2 already has a tentative release date of March 13th, and is currently available for pre-order on the App Store. But if you just can’t wait, or you enjoy testing out games before they release to help iron out any last minute issues, the developer is looking for some beta testers to do just that ahead of the game’s official launch. You can head over to the thread in our forums to drop your email info off to the developer and get access to the Testflight version. Or if you’re on Android the game is in open beta on the Google Play Store. If you’re not into the beta testing thing that’s cool too, as you can either grab the pre-order with the link above or simply wait for Yeah Bunny 2 to hit the App Store in one month.