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MMORPG ‘Era of Legends’ is Heading to the West from China and Pre-Registration with Rewards is Now Open

Following its successful launch in China this past August courtesy of Tencent, 101XP is now readying a Western release for mobile MMORPG Era of Legends. In it you can find all the typical things you’d expect from an MMORPG including eight character classes to play as, a gigantic open world to explore, story-driven quest lines, and a host of PvP and PvE modes. One thing they’re hoping will set themselves apart from the pack are a huge cast of “magic beasts" which you can discover and use to help you with offense, defense, or support. Mixing the different beasts with your own character’s unique attributes will provide thousands of combinations and strategic options. Here’s a trailer for Era of Legends, though it’s a CGI movie rather than actual gameplay.

If all of this sounds like your cup of tea then you can head over to the official website for Era of Legends and pre-register which as you probably know will land you some exclusive rewards when the game comes out. And if you’re on Android you can also pre-register on the Google Play Store and it looks like there will be an exclusive magic beast for those that do. The release date for Era of Legends doesn’t get more specific than March, but I’m always interested to see how developers implement the MMORPG experience to mobile, and these kinds of games are crazy popular in other parts of the world though Western responses have been pretty mixed. Whatever the case I’ll be checking out Era of Legends when it hits iOS and Android next month.