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Oh BiBi Announces their Multiplayer Hero Shooter ‘FRAG’ is Going Global March 7th

Back in June of last year French developer Oh BiBi, who you likely now from their popular SUP Multiplayer Racing or their Motor World Factory series, announced a new hero shooter for mobile called FRAG Pro Shooter. It plays out as either a first- or third-person shooter with a cast of 40 different playable characters, but the games themselves are set up almost exactly like Clash Royale as your goal is to take down the “towers" and “base" of your opponent’s team. It’s actually a formula that works really well, as we spelled out in our preview of the game from last July. FRAG has been in soft-launch since its initial announcement, and has amassed over 1.5 million players during that period, but today Oh BiBi has finally announced a global release date of March 7th.

I’ve fiddled around with FRAG during its soft launch period myself and can confirm it’s a surprisingly fun game. The way you unlock and upgrade your team of characters really sucks you in, and is basically exactly like Clash Royale with the whole timed chests thing, and there’s a whole host of different social aspects like clans and a feed for sharing clips for those that get hardcore into the competitive side of the game. I’ll be really curious to see how the world at large takes to FRAG when it launches a month from now, and if you want to find links to the early versions of the game as well as tons of discussion then check out the thread in our forums.