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‘SUP Multiplayer Racing’ Developer Oh BiBi Getting in on the Hero Shooter Craze with Upcoming ‘FRAG’

Following the success of their online racing title SUP Multiplayer Racing (Free), which has seen more than 30 million downloads since its launch in May of last year, French developer Oh BiBi is looking to take on the ultra-competitive online shooter genre with their forthcoming game called simply FRAG. Taking a page out of the “hero shooter" sub-genre of shooters that was kicked off many years ago by Team Fortress 2 and hit the mainstream with titles like Overwatch and Paladins, FRAG will feature a whopping 40+ different characters which you’ll assemble into teams of 5 to take on opponents in an arena setting. Matches are designed to be quick with the ability to switch freely between your team members and instant respawning following death. Check out the teaser trailer for FRAG to see it in action.

Oh BiBi is looking to have a large social component in FRAG as well, going so far as to essentially building an entire social platform right into the game where players can share highlight clips from their games and join or create a social club where you can amass followers and increase your popularity. It sounds like FRAG is pretty close to launching and in fact it should be soft-launching in some regions today, though we haven’t seen it pop up in any of the usual App Store territories. If you happen upon it in your region’s App Store, let us know in the comments below. Otherwise you can click on this link to sign up for the beta and follow along with the discussion about the game in our forums, and once some more concrete information about FRAG’s release date is revealed we’ll let you know.