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Multiplayer Ramming Game ‘Ramageddon’ Out Now on Android, iOS Release Coming Soon

Last month we told you about the beta test of a clever new multiplayer game called Ramageddon from developer Nydium Games. In it you’d play as a ram trying to knock up to three other players off the side of a cliff in a sort of bumper cars meets battle royale. The trick is that the faster you’re able to run the harder you’re able to ram into another player, so finding a clear path to build up speed and managing your stamina meter is key to being successful. That’s not as easy as it sounds though as each level can be filled with objects and hazards, not to mention other players trying to ram you, and in one mode pieces of the level are even falling apart making the play area smaller and smaller as you go. It seemed like a cool concept for a mobile game, and now Ramageddon is officially launched on the Google Play Store for Android. There’s also a new trailer.

Through playing Ramageddon you’ll earn coins which you can then use to unlock various items to customize your ram, like different types of horns, color schemes, and faces. There’s also a simplistic emoji-based taunt system so you can express your delight or frustration towards your opponents during a game. And if you’d rather not play online against other real people, there are AI bots you can train against. The developers didn’t want this to be a pay-to-win experience which is why all the free to play stuff deals strictly with customization options and not anything affecting gameplay. An iOS version is still planned and Nydium Games has a Discord server set up for players to offer feedback about the game. If you’re on Android you should totally check out Ramageddon and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more info on the forthcoming iOS release.