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Ram Your Friends and Strangers Off the Side of a Cliff in ‘Ramageddon’

We all know there’s no greater feeling than pushing your buddy off the side of a cliff. Oh, is that just me? Well maybe it’s not the best thing to do in real life, due to murder being illegal and immoral and all that stuff, but that’s why we have video games. And the upcoming Ramageddon from three-person Polish studio Nydium Games will allow us to live out that dark fantasy, knocking friends and strangers alike off of a cliff. The idea is really simple, which is why I like it so much. Up to 4 players will compete online playing as rams (hence the name Ramageddon) taking turns trying to ram each other off the sides of a floating island in the sky. This is what Ramageddon looks like in motion.

In addition to online play, there will also be training against AI bots so you can hone your ramming skills, and there’s even a “Ram Royale" mode that sees the edges of the map falling off and shrinking the size of the playable area as the match goes on. Ramageddon is currently in open beta on Android so if you are an Android user and want to take it for an early spin you can sign up to become a tester on the Google Play Store here. The official launch of the Android version is set for the end of the month on January 31st with an iOS version planned for shortly afterwards. The team is hoping to bring Ramageddon to desktop and Nintendo Switch at some point as well. I’ll be looking forward to smashing my head into this one once it becomes available.