‘Dragalia Lost’ and ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Will Be Finally Coming to More Countries

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Dragalia Lost (Free) has had a great last few months for Nintendo alongside Nintendo’s real mobile juggernaut that is Fire Emblem Heroes. Yesterday, they announced the delay for Mario Kart Tour but today’s financial results from Nintendo have quite a bit of good news for mobile gamers. This includes the announcement of a new partnership with LINE for a Dr. Mario mobile game. Read about that here.

Nintendo is still taking mobile seriously and they are looking to find the correct playstyle for their brands on mobile. They want to use the massive install base on mobile platforms to increase their own profits and be points of contact for Nintendo brands and consumers. They will be increasing partnerships with other companies and the main goal for them on mobile is to make sure consumers all over the world play Nintendo games. This ties into what they mentioned about their two biggest mobile moneymakers. Fire Emblem Heroes is almost completely localised into Portugese and it will be released in the South American market once that is complete. Something I get asked with every Dragalia Lost news story is when it is coming to more regions. Nintendo finally announced plans to bring it to more English speaking countries like Canada, UK, and Australia. Hopefully this still means they will localise it into other languages and bring it to more regions later on. There is no timeframe for this yet but at least they straight up mentioned 3 big countries for Dragalia Lost.

Dragalia Lost is free to play on iOS and Android Read our review of it here. If you want to play it right now without waiting for your country to be added, you may as well make a USA iTunes account or side load it on Android because while they mentioned more countries, there is no release window right now.

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