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‘Game of Gods’ is a New Project from Foursaken Media, Coming March 2019

It feels like forever since we’ve seen a new game from the fine folks at Foursaken Media. Last year they released the excellent Noblemen: 1896, and then not long after announced a new entry in their popular Block Fortress series called Block Fortress: Empires. And then… crickets. Until this past August that is, when they resurfaced to announce that Block Fortress: Empires was still very much in production and at the point where they were needing beta testers. Now with 2018 about to be in the rearview mirror Foursaken has popped up again to announce a brand new game called Game of Gods. Some screens!

So as you can see, you’ll play as these massive gods and you’ll have the choice of aligning yourself on the side of good and benevolent gods who achieve their goal by saving humanity or the not-so-nice gods who spare no one in their pursuit of success. There’s a pretty rich backstory to Game of Gods that sees both the good and bad gods being threatened by “a dark and powerful force of Chaos" and so they must work together in order to defeat that threat and save Earth. You can even choose to fight for both sides if you’re feeling a little bit good and a little bit bad. Here’s a brief glimpse of the game in motion courtesy of the Foursaken Media Twitter account.

Here’s how Foursaken describes the game in their own words: “In Game of Gods, players will be tasked with stopping the enemy hordes using a variety of powerful god magic at their disposal. Drag a spell onto the battlefield and unleash the power of a god. Players will experience a deep, varied progression tree based on whether they want to fight for the good gods, evil gods, or both. The most important key is learning how different elemental spells interact with each other, creating a whole world of depth. Game of Gods includes group multiplayer as well, where players will gather in groups to achieve common goals, as well as personal accolades and fame. Players can fight at their own pace to help the group, or can call on the aid of other group members to team up and destroy powerful bosses in real time."

It sounds pretty awesome, and right now Foursaken is planning on launching Game of Gods in March of next year. There will come a point where they’ll be looking for beta testers, so be sure to keep your eye on the forum thread for that opportunity as well as to find out more information about this latest Foursaken project.